Kennedy Yanko »Postcapitalist Desire«

At Tilton Gallery New York
April 6–May 15, 2021

The highly anticipated exhibition Postcapitalist Desire by the Brooklyn-based artist Kennedy Yanko opened April 6, 2021, at Tilton Gallery in New York.

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Kennedy Yanko, Making Light, 2021
Photo credit Martin Parsekian
Kennedy Yanko, Making Light, 2021 Photo credit: Martin Parsekian

»The metal forms of Postcapitalist Desire, usher in the whir of industry while the languid, bodily paint skins bring in gravity and chewy softness. They imply the weight that accompanies the inseparability between one’s work, one’s value, and one’s being. The paint skins perform the dissonance a body feels when it is out of sync with its own actions—when we’re zombie-like; not recognizing that our choices and actions are prompted by economic tides. While the metal and skin are foregrounded in scale and color, the taut wire—which creates what I call a “shadow perspective”—is enacting critical tension in the composition. Its reaching lines point towards information beyond what’s immediately available, and in some instances, exert pressure upon the plush paint skins, alluding to a commodification of the body.«
from Kennedy Yanko’s statement on Postcapitalist Desire