Rudolf Polanszky at Gagosian Paris
January 16–March 20, 2021


Gagosian is pleased to present new and recent paintings and sculptures by Rudolf Polanszky. This is the first exhibition of the artist’s work at Gagosian in Paris.

A key figure in the Vienna art scene, Polanszky creates cerebral yet tactile works that embrace chance occurrence. From the early 1990s, he began experimenting in mixed-media painting with the series Reconstructions (1991–). To make these subtle compositions, he uses salvaged industrial materials such as acrylic glass, aluminum, mirrored foil, resin, silicone, and wire, decontextualizing them from their original uses and recombining them into aesthetic forms. Polanszky’s process of “ad hoc synthesis” produces works that oscillate between material constructions and symbols of subjective perception.

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